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Taste Bud Battle

Taste Bud Battle is a cooking/baking competition for young, aspiring chefs and bakers. Its a unique experience, filled with fun, learning and a chance to become a culinary superstar! Different age categories apply, lots of prizes to be won!

Why should you enter?

Why enter

It is an unbelievable experience for kids (and parents).

Offers kids (and parents) education, information, inspiration and entertainment in the food space.

Unites families and builds communities through the #getbehindyourtastebuddy campaign

Offers the chance to meet new, like-minded foodie friends.

Has brilliant prizes for the winners.

Offers extended cooking opportunities and experiences with industry leaders.

Offers you a chance to win money for your school.

How to enter

Step 1

Conceptualise your recipe according to theme - Fruity Fun! Your dish can be sweet or savoury.

Step 2

Create your dish at home.

Step 3

Create a Taste Bud Battle profile. (For kids under 13, parents must create a profile on their behalf. Kids over 13 can create their own profile).

Step 4

Enter a participant (person taking part in the competition) on your profile. If you are over 13 you can enter yourself as the participant. If you are entering on behalf of your young child/children, you are able to add more than one participant (or children) to your profile.

Step 5

Upload your recipe, photos of your dish and an optional video of you making and presenting your dish.

Step 6

Get your friends and family to vote for your dish - this could earn you a Wild Card entry into the semi-finals. Wait for finalists to be announced on 11 June 2020.

Timeline 1

Timeline 2

The competition
is now open!

2019 Winners

Card image

Yusri Zunaid Noorbhai

Taste Bud Battle Mini Chef of the Year 2019

Age: 5

School: Crawford
Pre-Primary Sandton

Card image

Gabriella Shalekoff

Taste Bud Battle Junior Chef of the Year 2019

Age: 11

School: King David

Card image

Trezar Bhana

Taste Bud Battle Senior Chef of the Year 2019

Age: 16

School: Crawford College


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