Sweet Art by Linsey McCreedy


Sweet Art by Linsey McCreedy



How to Train Your Dragon cake by Linsey McCreedy

Linsey McCreedy is an artist, but instead of using paint, pencils or clay, Linsey's medium of choice is sugar! While paintings and sculptures stand for centuries in galleries, to be gazed upon by all those who pass before them, Linsey's creations usually find themselves in the bellies of excited children, happy brides and celebrating people!

Here she tells us 5 fun facts about being the Sugar Artist!



Yoda Cake by Linsey McCreedy

1. What has been your favourite cake that you have made? 

I loved making Yoda!  There was so much detail in his face, which took forever, but the response I got to him made every second worth it.

2. Whats the hardest part about baking?

The deadlines are tight! Because you're working with something that is edible, you need to work quickly to ensure the cake remains fresh. There's nothing worse that making a beautiful cake on the outside, that's dry on the inside.

3. How long does it take to make a cake?

It obviously depends on the design, the size and the detail, but I did once spend an entire week on a cake. You can work on sugar figurines, flowers and details well in advance, but then you only have two days to pull it all together.

4. What do you love most about sugar art?

I love that it brings so much joy to people. I get a kick out of seeing the looks on their faces when they see their cake for the first time, and then the delight they take in eating it!


5. Why are you looking forward to the Taste Bud Battle 2020?

 I love the theme and I think we can do some fun lessons with fruit. Sugar plums, poison apples, cake bananas... there is so much we can do. I'm excited to show kids and parents what can be achieved with sugar art.


Sweet Santa by Linsey mcCreedy