8 Things To Do with Playdough

8 Things To Do with Playdough


[Box] 8 Fun Things To Do With The Playdough You Made.

Kids can never get enough of playdough, some spend hours kneading it and others like to eat it! We advise against the latter. But here are 8 other fun things to do with playdough, plus a simple recipe to get your started!

  1. Make playdough: just making playdough is fun, so get your ingredients together and follow the recipe below.
  2. Fruity fun: inspired by the Taste Bud Battle's Fruity-Fun theme, make a variety of fruit to wow your crowd.
  3. Ariel: if your kid loves a princess with a tail - then a mermaid is the obvious choice! 
  4. Doughnasaurs: any "saurus" can be created - a Bront-, a Steg-, and even a big T!
  5. Raindough: lots of doughy colours will bring happiness into your day!
  6. Pizza: mushrooms, peppers, olives ... whatever you want on your pizza. Just don't eat it!
  7. A fishy-tale: a fish named Nemo, Dory, or a shark... it's your underwater wonderland.
  8. A-mazing dough maze: make a dough maze and blow a ping pong ball through it with a straw.



[Sub-header] What you will need

4 cups of Snowflake flour

Warm water

Food colouring

Canola / vegetable oil

1.5 cups of Salt

Four small bowls



[Sub-header] Step 1: Pour 1 x cup of warm water into each bowl.

[Sub-header] Step 2: Add 5 drops of different food colouring into each bowl.

[Sub-header] Step 3: Add 2 tablespoons of Canola / vegetable oil into each bowl.

[Sub-header] Step 4: Mix 4 cups of flour with 1.5 cups of salt into one mixing bowl.

[Sub-header] Step 5: Then pour one cup of flour/salt mix into each individual bowl.

[Sub-header] Step 6: Mix together until playdough consistency. Store in sandwich bags in the fridge to keep fresh for longer.

Click here for the video tutorial: